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tulip (n.)

1570s, via Dutch or German tulpe, French tulipe "a tulip," all ultimately from Turk. tülbent "turban," also "gauze, muslin," from Persian dulband "turban;" so called from the fancied resemblance of the flower to a turban.

Tulips - Late July til late September

Roses and Lilliums - Summer months

Especially Tulips was started in 1996 by Denise, Lawrie and Kathryn Green as a venture to grow and sell cut flowers, specializing in tulips hence the name.

Who We Are

Denise and Lawrie Green

We started with 4000 tulip bulbs and a lot of enthusiasm in the backyard of our house block in Nannup. We soon discovered this was much too small and started the process of purchasing our current property on the corner of Dean and Barrabup Rd. Kathryn has since decided that she needed to move in a different direction and has moved on to Perth to further her career.

What We Do

This year we planted approximately 200,000 bulbs

We have been building up our supply of Tulip bulbs and the knowledge needed to grow them successfully. This year we planted approximately 200,000 bulbs with a lot of help from our friends.

We have branched out into growing liliums on a large scale as well as a small nursery of propagated plants. Most of the plants that are in the nursery are also growing in our gardens. The garden is open to visitors and guided tours are given during tulip season.

We also have a large flock of ducks, chooks and guinea fowl to help keep down the insects and supply us with eggs